Miqdad Dhariwala, PhD

Department of Dermatology

Commensal myeloid crosstalk in neonatal skin regulates long-term cutaneous type 17 inflammation.

bioRxiv : the preprint server for biology

Dhariwala MO, DeRogatis AM, Okoro JN, Weckel A, Tran VM, Habrylo I, Ojewumi OT, Tammen AE, Leech JM, Merana GR, Carale RO, Barrere-Cain R, Hiam-Galvez KJ, Spitzer MH, Scharschmidt TC

Long-term tolerance to skin commensals is established neonatally through a specialized dendritic cell subgroup.


Weckel A, Dhariwala MO, Ly K, Tran VM, Ojewumi OT, Riggs JB, Gonzalez JR, Dwyer LR, Okoro JN, Leech JM, Bacino MS, Cho GD, Merana G, Anandasabapathy N, Kumamoto Y, Scharschmidt TC

FLG Deficiency in Mice Alters the Early-Life CD4+ T-Cell Response to Skin Commensal Bacteria.

The Journal of investigative dermatology

Gonzalez JR, Celli A, Weckel A, Dhariwala MO, Merana GR, Ojewumi OT, Okoro J, Dwyer LR, Tran VM, Meyer JM, Mauro TM, Scharschmidt TC

The best offense is a good beta-defensin.


Dhariwala MO, Scharschmidt TC

Intestinal inflammation alters the antigen-specific immune response to a skin commensal.

Cell reports

Merana GR, Dwyer LR, Dhariwala MO, Weckel A, Gonzalez JR, Okoro JN, Cohen JN, Tamaki CM, Han J, Tasoff P, Palacios-Calderon Y, Ha CWY, Lynch SV, Segre JA, Kong HH, Kattah MG, Ma A, Scharschmidt TC

Baby's skin bacteria: first impressions are long-lasting.

Trends in immunology

Dhariwala MO, Scharschmidt TC

Regulatory T cells promote innate inflammation after skin barrier breach via TGF-ß activation.

Science immunology

Moreau JM, Dhariwala MO, Gouirand V, Boda DP, Boothby IC, Lowe MM, Cohen JN, Macon CE, Leech JM, Kalekar LA, Scharschmidt TC, Rosenblum MD

Developing Human Skin Contains Lymphocytes Demonstrating a Memory Signature.

Cell reports. Medicine

Dhariwala MO, Karthikeyan D, Vasquez KS, Farhat S, Weckel A, Taravati K, Leitner EG, Clancy S, Pauli M, Piper ML, Cohen JN, Ashouri JF, Lowe MM, Rosenblum MD, Scharschmidt TC

Toxin-Triggered Interleukin-1 Receptor Signaling Enables Early-Life Discrimination of Pathogenic versus Commensal Skin Bacteria.

Cell host & microbe

Leech JM, Dhariwala MO, Lowe MM, Chu K, Merana GR, Cornuot C, Weckel A, Ma JM, Leitner EG, Gonzalez JR, Vasquez KS, Diep BA, Scharschmidt TC

Skin Commensal Antigens: Taking the Road Less Traveled.

Trends in immunology

Dhariwala MO, Scharschmidt TC

Bacterial Activation of Type I Interferons/Yersinia Activation of Type I Interferon

Bacterial Activation of Type I Interferons/Yersinia Activation of Type I Interferon

Miqdad O. Dhariwala and Deborah M. Anderson

Host stress and immune responses during aerosol challenge of Brown Norway rats with Yersinia pestis.

Frontiers in cellular and infection microbiology

Gater ST, Peters KN, Kocsis AG, Dhariwala MO, Anderson DM, Anderson PE