6 Months of Fun


A delayed Halloween prank became a birthday surprise for Tiffany in March when the whole lab knocked on her door dressed as, well... her. It's a good look! 

We like games and everyone enjoyed trying to figure out who their best match was in Pride & Prejudice at GameParlor.


If you go out of town for an extended period get ready to have your desk space strikingly altered upon your return. Tiffany, Kevin and Antonin were just a few of the targets in recent months. BTW, you can sometimes find remnants of the prank months or years later - like the little Antonin DCs that keep popping up around lab. 

Just being silly at lab meeting

Lab Olympics is an HSW12 tradition and we had another edition this summer. Even Tiffany got in the action. 


Great minds think alike. We have a strong tradition of documenting our look-alike moments. 

Just some of the fun happenings. Looking forward to more as we kick off the 2023-2024 academic year.