Fall Retreats

It was so great to be back together in person at Asilomar for the ImmunoX-UCB Retreat. Highlights included a stellar talk by Miqdad, posters by Joy and Sunmi, beach walks and a lab outing to Carmel. 


Two weeks later, it was time for another trip together - this time to San Martin down the Peninsula where we shacked up at Fitz place and filled the few days with a bunch of different activities: Go-pro lab teambuilding games, ImmunoX JC prep, small group breakouts, pool time, Bocce, cards against Immunology and other games plus great meals from our Chefs Antonin and Joy. 

Finally we got to top off September with the HSW12 British Bake Off ImmunoX Happy Hour - which made for an extra fun send off on Jeanmarie's last official day in the Scharschmidt lab.