Jeanmarie's paper is out and graduation cap on!

Super proud to have this work out in the world. It all started with an early interest from my med school days of how the main predisposing factor to atopic dermatitis, i.e. mutantions in the skin barrier protein filaggrin, contribute to AD development by changing the relationship to skin microbes. I was so excited when Jeanmarie chose to join the lab and with her background in type II immunity was eager to help dissect this important but complex relationship. Hope you will check out her finished manuscript here. It supports the idea that perturbations in the early life skin barrier via filaggrin deficiency shift the antigen-specific response to skin commensal bacteria, like S. epidermidis, lowering their propensity to support immune tolerance and rather contributing towards heightened type 17 inflammation. 


The timing of UCSF's 2023 commencement was excellent as a way to reconnent with Jeanmarie and celebrate this milestone. I managed to hood her successfully and they only mispronounced my name but not hers on stage. Felt privleges to have this experience as I sat by many faculty who were hooding their first student despite having graduated many more of their career. Thanks for the opportunity Jeanmarie!