Tiffany Receives 2021 DF Sun Pharma Award

Tiffany was named the recipient of this year's Sun Pharma Research Award from the Dermatology Foundation. As described the "Sun Pharma award is intended to support an outstanding mid-career investigator with an established trajectory in basic, clinical or translational science. The proposed research should yield novel results that expand the understanding and/or treatment of patients with inflammatory skin disorders including but not limited to psoriasis or atopic dermatitis." Tiffany follows in the footsteps of some other great skin microbiologists and immunologists who have recently been awarded this $300k grant. She is honored and very appreciative to the Dermatology Foundation for once again having a hugely positive impact on her research career. Jeanmarie is currently leading efforts in the lab to drive this exciting work aimed at understanding how inappropriate interactions between bacteria and a compromised skin barrier can initate the atopic march in early lfie. We look forward to sharing what she finds!